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Japanese Literature


Introduction of the domain
This domain specializes in study and education of classical and modern Japanese literature.

To search characteristics of Japanese literature, we adopt the following methods: Analysis of individual work, a comparative study of classical and modern Japanese literature, and also examination of interdisciplinary view.

Now, four professors who stand in the forefront of the society of Japanese literature belong to this domain, and offer the following courses.

  • Studies in Comparative Literature in Ancient China and Japan
  • Studies in Pre-Medieval Japanese Literature
  • Studies in Classical Japanese Literature
  • Studies in Modern Japanese Literature

Presently, there are about ten graduate students in the domain. In addition, a lot of both Japanese and foreign students are earnestly engaged in research here.

University of Tsukuba has an excellent library which holds plenty of valuable books of classical, modern and contemporary Japanese literature including source books of classical Japanese literature. The university offers an ideal environment for a study.

Many results of our research works are yearly published in domestic and foreign academic journals as well as the university bulletins. Research level of this domain is highly estimated in the academic community.

Many graduate students get jobs in research or educational institutions after passing through their courses.


TANIGUCHI Kousuke Wakan Comparative Literature
AKIYAMA Kanako Ancient Japanese Literature
KIYOTO Noriko Pre-Modern Japanese Literature
BABA Mika Modern Japanese Literature