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English Literature


General Description / Outline

In the field of English Literature, we are carrying out various activities of research and education for texts written in English. Our research scope ranges from the Middle Ages to the present day, from verse to prose, and from British literature to the literature of the English-speaking world.

Setting up research themes of their interest, graduate students are encouraged to absorb research know-how and study skill under thorough guidance to become independent as a researcher and a specialist in culture.


Guideline and Goal

The education goal of the field of English Literature is to foster excellent talents of English literature.@At the same time, we aim at training specialists in culture who can analyze various cultural phenomena.

We make much of the following guidelines to achieve these goals:

  1. Development of the ability for precise English reading and understanding.
  2. Improvement of analytical ability of texts.
  3. Training for setting research topics and executing the task.
  4. Training for writing and presenting papers.

To foster scholars and specialists with a strong sense of duty is our ardent desire.


Education System

Graduate students can have tuition of the excellent teaching staff of English Literature and related fields of research. Through the education system, graduate students can always come into contact with state-of-the-art research findings.

When writing a master's thesis and a doctoral dissertation, graduate students receive private tuition from the staff thoroughly to the completion of the last leaf of their papers.


Research Activities

Entering the master's degree course, graduate students will embark on a two-year plan of writing a master's thesis under the direction of teachers as the first stage of their research life. After the master's thesis completion, students will start to write the doctoral dissertation. While doing so, they are encouraged to make presentations at conferences, to have accepted papers, and to study abroad.

In our field, to support the research activities of graduate students, we manage academic societies such as The Otsuka English Literary Society and Tsukuba English Literary Society, and they can publish theses in Otsuka Review and Tsukuba English Literature.


Study Milieu

Our university is proud of the superior collection of books inherited from Tokyo University of Education, and they cover the wide range of research fields. When it comes to the books of English literature, students enjoy an easy access to the complete works and monographs which are hard to get nowadays.

Students are supported financially in many ways: they can live in the student dormitory and they have chances of tuition reduction and loan of a scholarship.


Future Career

Most of the students have found positions as teachers at colleges and high schools after completion of the graduate school.


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