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General Linguistics


In General Linguistics Area, both the faculty and the students pursue empirical methodologies in linguistic science beyond the scope of a specific language which one can specialize in our Doctoral program. Thus one can study a language other than Japanese, English, French or German. One can also engage in research that involves multiple languages.

We enjoy inspiring interaction among the faculty members and the students specializing in various languages, which greatly broaden our perspective on the human language. The current faculty members specialize in Semitic, Slavic and Korean languages, and the students, in Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, South Arabian and Kirghiz.

Students have open access to our laboratory with recording studio and software for acoustic analysis. We also have facilities for recording and analyzing event-related potentials (ERPs) of a human brain. This enables us to conduct neuroscientific experiments eliciting ERPs using auditory or visual stimuli.

We also provide philological training in Ancient Near Eastern, Slavic and Korean texts. The students will learn how to deal with primary sources in these languages and how to study them diachronically as well as synchronically.



Historical Linguistics, Semitic Linguistics

USUYAMA Toshinobu

Language Policies, Slavic Linguistics

KIM In-hwa

Contrastive Linguistics, Korean Linguistics

Hwang Hyun-Kyung

PhoneticsCExperimental Linguistics

IKEDA Susumu

Contrastive Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics