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French Linguistics


Welcome to the department of French linguistics! French is one of the most important languages in use in the political and economical worlds as well as in cultural and intellectual domains. There is a long and well-founded history of French language and literature study in Japan. Based on this strong tradition, we go further in our department to research the language itself, its structure and its function.

In our field of research, we study both the specific characteristics and the general nature of French through a detailed examination of the language. From such study we are led to discover the wonders of language activity, as one of the most interesting aspects of studying a foreign language is to be able to see the major themes and problems which usually go unnoticed in a monolingual environment.

As modern French semantics and syntax form the basis of the research studies, a good knowledge of French is required for this course.

Below is a list of recent dissertation titles for the Masters degree.

  1. Sur lfimparfait de narration
  2. Sur lfinversion du sujet
  3. Sur les connecteurs argumentatifs
  4. Sur la structure de LE N1 de N2
  5. La syntaxe et la semantique du verbe de perception voir
  6. Sur la place syntaxique du SN indefini


AOKI Saburo Grammatical Studies, Contrastive Studies of French and Japanese