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General Literature


This course is an amalgam of three research fields: comparative literature, literary theory and Western classic literature.

Our students have been specializing in, to take just some of the examples, literatures written in Japanese in Japanese colonies/ occupied areas, Japanese movies, manga, performing arts. Our current students are studying English fantasy literature, Representations of heroes in Soviet movies, Harry Potter and class society, Labyrinth in Ranpo Edogawafs novels, Modernist literature in East Asia, Japanese adaptation/translation of Western literature. We are proud of this comprehensiveness and variety.

We are also proud that a large part of our students are non-Japanese. Currently we have six students, and approximately 50% are international students, from China and Korea. These elements make this course energetic and productive, with interdisciplinary, global and critical perspectives.

Our alumni teach at various institutes of higher education, including University of Tsukuba, Kyushu University, Seoul National University (Korea), Korea University, National Chengchi University (Taiwan), Tamkang University (Taiwan), Tunghai University (Taiwan),National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan), Fudan University (China).

We have constantly published anthologies of papers (English/Japanese) by the teaching staff and (ex-)students; they have already received great acclaims in numerous fields of study in Japan and abroad. Spheres of gTranslationh: Culture, Colony, Identity [Hon-yaku no ken-iki] (U of Tsukuba Cultural Studies Group 2004); English Studies in Asia (Malaysia: Silverfish book, 2007); Itinerary of Texts: Literatures in Transition and Transformation [Text tachi no ryotei] (Fukuoka: Hana Shoin, 2008)


Etsuko Aoyagi French literary theory
Manabu Akiyama Classic literature; Mediterranean studies
Yuri Kato Comparative literature (Russian literature, Modern Japanese literature)
Yukari Yoshihara Cultural studies; English literature
Hajime Saito English literature; Literary theory


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